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      Industry events

      With financial subsidies to correct the new energy automotive industry benchmark

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      Fiscal policy under the care of China's new energy vehicles, the embryonic period has passed, is to switch to rapid growth period, two levels of financial subsidies gradually "back slope" has become inevitable. The future government financial assistance will be large-scale, significant differences and technical turn. Can be predicted that with the financial subsidies more accurate force, China's new energy vehicles will enter the improvement of quality, focus on technological innovation and innovative business model of the content-type growth track.

      □Rui Zhan

      According to the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries after six months of investigation, including Suzhou Jim West Bus, Golden Dragon United Automotive, including five new energy vehicle manufacturers in 2013 to 2015 a total of 1.01 billion of financial subsidies. As a result, in addition to the request to return the financial assistance funds, five companies were also revoked vehicle production qualification, cancel financial subsidies and fines and other heavy penalties. Of course, the exposure of these five companies is only the "tip of the iceberg", the relevant enterprises in the absence of a public notice of the premise has also been a fine or problem models from the "energy-saving and new energy vehicles to promote the application of recommended models directory" deal with.

      From the enjoyment of the exemption from purchase tax and travel tax, to obtain no Yaohao and unlimited license plate privileges, from government procurement to the central and local levels of financial open money bags to give the subsidy, no country in the world as China's new energy vehicles so Large size, wide caliber support. Over the past 10 years, the world's subsidies for new energy vehicles totaled about 16 billion US dollars, while China has accounted for more than half. According to the data released by the State Council, since 2009, the implementation of subsidies for new energy vehicles since the policy, the central government has allocated 33.435 billion total subsidy funds, such as local governments with 1: 1 matching financial subsidy funds for the production of a new energy vehicles, Enterprises can be up to 134,000 grants.

      Generous and generous financial subsidies to stimulate the development of new energy vehicles in China blowout. Over the past six years, China's new energy vehicle production and sales volume from 500 respectively by leaps and bounds to last year's 497,000 and 440,000, of which last year the cumulative production of new energy vehicles 379,000, an increase of 400%. The first 7 months of this year, new energy vehicle production and sales were again increased 215,000 and 207,000, an increase of 119.8% and 122.8%. Just a few years, China has become the world's largest new energy vehicle production and consumption.

      However, the market behind the bustling then a few dirty hands. The survey found that enterprises to cheat the means of the state financial subsidies do not, such as the vehicle is not up to the promotion of standards or even production of illegal acquisition of a license to cheat subsidies, will comply with the provisions of the vehicle sold to affiliated enterprises instead of end users, did not meet the subsidy conditions To subsidize in advance; the low-tech batteries will not be put into production and operation of the vehicle to take financial subsidies to vehicles sold to end users but a large number of idle after the access to subsidies, resulting in a serious waste of financial resources; Of the enterprises in access to vehicle subsidies, simply buy the vehicle battery, motor and other key components dismantling reselling profit, or the vehicle converted into a traditional fuel vehicles sold to rural markets. The state financial subsidies has become a tribute to the mankind and slaughter of fat.

      The state of new energy vehicles to take special encouragement and financial subsidies, not for commercial purposes, but a clear direction of social welfare, but according to Xinhua letter to the survey of new energy buyers, nearly eight percent of the car buyers choose the first two new energy vehicles The big decisive factor is the license discount and government subsidies, energy saving and environmental protection of this core demands are ranked at the end. The survey also showed that in the choice of new energy vehicles and brand decisive factors, the amount of subsidies in the first place, as per hundred kilometers of electricity consumption, consumers generally do not care. It appears that the financial subsidies implied by the public welfare appeal has not been accepted by consumers, once the purchase of "downhill", it is difficult to ensure the continued sales of new energy vehicles and the decompression of environmental protection function.

      On the production enterprises, with huge financial subsidies, almost negligible the cost of production, and even manufacturers can do to zero and even "negative cost" production, so originally expected subsidies to encourage new energy vehicle manufacturers to improve technology And industry, the original intention of product upgrades will be digestion depleted, so that China's new energy vehicles exist in the technical function of the core technology and the hollow core of short-board has not yet been made up to see how much improvement. Vehicle, the new energy vehicle manufacturers of electric chassis, vehicle control and other common technology development capacity is generally inadequate, vehicle quality, such as handling, reliability, vibration and noise reduction compared with foreign products, there are larger Key parts, as the core of the new energy vehicle power battery energy density, Japan than China's average to be higher than 30% to 40%, the number of charging times is several times in China. At the same time, China's drive motor controller power density than the international level is also low 30% to 40%, capacitors, switching devices, chips and sensors "battery management system" key components rely mainly on imports. Not only that, the lack of core technology is also reflected in the new energy vehicle platform architecture planning and development. In addition to SAIC, Geely and other enterprises, the platform structure will be a new energy vehicles and traditional gasoline vehicles unified planning, and to maximize the sharing of parts and production flexibility in order to achieve cost reduction of enterprises and very few.

      Indeed, the financial subsidies to reduce the new energy vehicles early product technology maturity and production and development costs of high pressure, and effectively start the sales market. However, the financial subsidies to a certain extent, to strengthen the dependence of enterprises and to induce the development of the market, and the profitability of enterprises distort the financial subsidy of the technical line, the two forces the policy expected to greatly reduce the overall market effect. From the current point of view, the fiscal policy under the care of the new energy vehicles in the embryonic period has passed, and is switching to rapid growth period, therefore, to amend and optimize the financial subsidy policy mentioned on the agenda.

      For energy saving and environmental protection needs, "thirteen five" during the central and local governments will continue the financial subsidy policy of new energy vehicles, subsidy funds of about 390 billion. However, the cost of new energy vehicles with the scale effect has gradually declined and the fact that some models of rapid decline in the cost of two levels of financial subsidies gradually "back slope" has become inevitable. According to the Ministry of Finance plans, the new energy vehicle subsidies in the next year on the basis of 20% this year, 2019 to 2020 decreased by 40% in 2020 after the withdrawal of subsidies. Look at the introduction of the New Deal in Shenzhen, the new energy vehicle subsidies this year, the maximum amount of one-third reduction, which may become a general trend. In addition, the future government financial assistance to the large-scale, differences and technical significant shift. National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry issued the "new energy vehicles carbon quota management approach (draft)" and "new energy vehicles manufacturing enterprises and product access regulations (revised draft)" has significantly improved the entry of new energy vehicles threshold. Moreover, the state financial funds in the future will be mainly used in charging, charging facilities and power battery recycling and innovation on the subsidies. Can be predicted that with the financial subsidies more accurate force, China's new energy vehicles will enter the improvement of quality, focus on technological innovation and innovative business model of the content-type growth track.

      (Author of the China Market Association, Professor of Economics)THE_END
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